Consultations and Therapy

Jungian Astrological Analysis

This is an opportunity to delve deeper into knowing who you are. Carl Jung called this process individuation, a path to discovering what makes you unique. It implies a dialogue with your shadow, denied areas of yourself. Your chart will be the compass to start the conversation with your unconscious. This will allow it to release its creative potential and solve inner contradictions. As this kind of work requires consistency, weekly meetings are advised, though this can be decided between the two of us. Sessions are held online so you can do this process no matter where you are in the world. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to

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Natal Chart Analysis

A chart reading answers two questions:

1 - Who am I? 

2- How does my present define who I am? 

It is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your strengths and your blind spots. But above all else, it is an opportunity to start trying to make sense of whatever is happening in your life. Liminality promises to find order in chaos, to see a pattern that has not yet been recognized. 

We will work in 1 session of one hour aprox. During the first session, we will discuss your chart. 

The approach is non-deterministic and psychological. The sessions are online so that you can assist from anywhere in the world. We can record them so you can listen to them later. 

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Annual Forecast

The Annual Forecast might help you reflect on what lies ahead. Some people refer to it as Solar Return. But in reality, we will also use other techniques such as Progressions, Directions, Transits or Lunations. You can ask for this report at any time (and not only when it's your birthday!). 

Our aim will not be to predict concrete, specific events but to describe the quality of time that is approaching so that you can make conscious decisions. You might see this as an opportunity to prepare yourself for what is to come. Free Will always prevails. I will not attempt to tell you what you are supposed to do but I do believe that this session will help you be aware of your future decisions. 

The session is 60 minutes long and online so that you can assist from anywhere around the globe. It can be recorded for you to listen to it later. And everything we speak about will be confidential

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Natal Chart Analysis + 

Annual Forecast

This service includes one consultations of 90 minutes. In the first session, we will study your natal chart. In the second session, you can choose if you want to discuss your natal chart further or if you would like to study your present moment. By looking at the astrology of this moment, you may get an insight into what this time is asking of you. We will study the upcoming year so that you can make more conscious choices. 

Sessions are held online so that you can participate from anywhere in the world. Sessions can be recorded if you want to. Everything we talk about is kept confidential

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Tuition and Supervisions

If you are a student of astrology and would like to have a one-to-one learning experience, we can arrange a personal tutoring meeting on the subject of your choice. If you are doing consultations but feel you need some support or guidance, we can supervise them. We would work together in their preparation so that you feel ready before meeting your client. 

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Speaker in conferences and events



If you have a school or are organizing a conference or a workshop, I am also available to prepare specific material that suits your needs. It can involve Astrology, Psychology, Arts and Theatre or Yoga. I am trained in all of those fields. Please, send me a message: