15th Oct

Hard aspects: The gift in the struggle

Hard aspects are considered malefic in nature, according to our tradition. Servants to an unfortunate destiny, planets in tense relation are thought to impede, frustrate or hinder. Today, we read them as a difficult inner dialogue that speaks of struggle, conflict or a sense of disappointment. But we can reframe our approach to them and consider the secret gifts to be harvested after facing tribulations. With awareness, they can help us develop strength in the face of adversity.

I hope this webinar will help you reflect on the meaning of hard aspects so that you will begin to see the struggle and the reward that can come after it. It just may be that our squares mark a path to creative gifts that we can develop, should we choose to.

5th Nov

Finding Themes in the Natal Chart

Studying astrology requires us to scrutinize each element of the chart and try to get the most out of it. This may result in an abundant amount of information and, quite often, an overwhelming feeling of desperation: how to make sense of all of it. Fear not! There are ways in which everything sums up into a coherent whole. By doing so, basic themes that this person might have to face in life will emerge – certain kinds of patterns in the person’s life. Each element of analysis may be the tip of a thread which can be followed to walk this labyrinth without getting lost. In this webinar, we will learn how to find these threads, untie them and weave them together into a coherent interpretation.

10th Dec

House Rulerships

Liz Greene used to say that there are no empty houses in a horoscope. Yet, some houses seem to have been abandoned with no inhabitants within them. What did she mean? The technique of house rulership allows us to see that a planet far away from a house may still be acting in the realms covered by that house. By applying this technique, the chart stops being fragmented into 12 areas of life to become a web of streams running from one life experience to another. In this webinar, you will learn what house rulerships are, how they can be applied and how they will enrich your chart interpretation skills.

14th Jan.

The ghost of Christmas Past: Pluto in Aquarius again, what price are you willing to pay for total freedom?

+ Discussion with Darby Costello

If you were given the power to erase all politicians and powerful people who make the world unfair from the face of the earth, would you do it? That is the question that society had to ask itself during the French Revolution, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. France was flooded with blood under the blind quest for total equality and freedom. Was this necessary? Or not? Now, as this planet goes back into the so-called humanitarian sign, a similar question may arise: how destructive or constructive can the democratization of power in search of an ideal be? Pluto in Aquarius may be seen as the promoter of change in pro of a fair society but it may also constellate the shadow of self-rightfulness and ideological blindness. We might also meet powerful scientific progress while having to face the myth that technology can save us from anything. As globalization moves forward, we might see that living in a global community offers gifts but also challenges to our existence. If Pluto brings to the surface the repressed material that we so willingly and effortfully pushed down to the underworld, what deaths, ghosts and terrifying creatures are we about to meet in the upcoming years?

4th Feb

Weighing it all up

What will manifest more prominently in a person’s life? A trine or a square? Or does it depend on the planets involved? Or perhaps the houses in which they are placed? That decision requires weighing the different aspects of each element. This step can help us organize the themes present in the chart. Some elements of the astral map will work as building blocks, from which we will raise the structure of our interpretation. Some others will help us understand the details of each theme and its complexity. In this webinar, we will study the process of weighing the different factors in order to come up with a meaningful organization of astrological significators.

4th March

Unaspected Planets

Aspects are dialogues between planets. If the chart is a stage, the planets are the characters in a play. An aspect between Mars and Jupiter, for instance, implies that both the warrior and the priest will take the stand. The type of aspect may help us understand the kind of dialogue they will have. However, sometimes planets are unaspected. Following the metaphor, this means that the planets take the stage on their own, and they play a monologue. How does this energy access conscious awareness? How does this planet communicate with the rest when found alone on the stage? How does it express and achieve its aims?