28th Oct

Harmonizing Horizons:
Decoding Astrological Aspects Within Houses

Planets in aspects are creating an interaction between houses, bringing together two areas of life. In this webinar, we will delve into the intricate art of interpreting astrological aspects with a keen focus on the houses involved. The aim here is to unlock the profound connections between planetary energies and their unique influences within specific areas of life represented by the houses. We will examine the reason why houses are naturally in certain aspects with each other in order to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay of planets within houses.

4th Nov

Cosmic Conversations:
Unveiling the Meaning of the Astrological Aspects

Planets in aspect are planets establishing some kind of conversation with each other. In this webinar, we will deepen our understanding of the intricate qualities and nuances of these astrological dialogues. We will study the tapestry of celestial dynamics, focusing on the diverse expressions and distinctive energies manifested by different types of aspects. We will dissect the essence of each one of them to distinguish their unique influences and interpret their meanings with precision. My hope is to help you cultivate a discerning eye and a heightened sensitivity to the myriad ways in which planetary energies interact. This skill may add great depth to astrological interpretation.

9th Dec

Unveiling the Profound Depths of the 8th House:
A Journey of Transformation

Let’s step into the realm of the dark 8th house, traditionally associated with crises and transformation. This enigmatic house now reveals profound psychological insights that shake the foundations of our very sense of self. Positioned in a natural quincunx to the Ascendant, it challenges our identity and vitality, making its contents elusive yet deeply impactful. During this webinar, we will unpack the reasons behind its reputation as the house of death and explore its significance for psychological astrologers. By looking at the theory as well as some practical examples, this journey into the underworld will help us understand how planets behave within this transformative realm and learn how to unlock growth from its fertile depths.

26th Jan

Academy of Astrology Chinese Conference: 

Connecting the Dots of Your Personal Story, 

learning to read the progressed relation 

of the Moon and the Sun in aspect

When it comes to forecasting and understanding our soul's needs, progressing the planets has been a common technique. While the progressed Moon provides valuable insights, Dane Rhudyar emphasized the importance of interpreting it in relation to the Sun. In this webinar, we delve into Rhudyar's concept of the Eight Lunation personality types and extend it to progressions.

We will discover how studying the soli-lunar relationship by progression unlocks a fascinating journey as we witness the emergence of the progressed New Moon, progressed Crescent Moon, and other lunation phases over a span of nearly 30 years. This process is highly individualized, revealing unique chapters within your personal story. By mastering the progressed lunation cycle, you'll gain the ability to connect seemingly unrelated events that occurred over three decades.

This is an opportunity to explore this profound methodology and learn to decipher the hidden patterns that shape your life's trajectory. You will gain a deeper understanding of your personal narrative and unlock the wisdom of the progressed lunation cycle, a transformative journey of self-discovery.

27th Jan

Exploring the 4th House:
Uncovering the Meaning of Origin

The mystical realm of the 4th house is where “the beginning and end of all matters” are said to reside. Traditionally associated with the father but later the mother, this enigmatic house reveals hidden aspects that remain concealed from the outer world. Having explored the transformative energies of the 8th and 12th houses in previous webinars, we now turn our attention to the captivating depths of the 4th house—the house of origin. The 4th house shapes our sense of belonging, roots, and ancestral ties. In this webinar, we will look at its theatrical meaning as well as some practical examples so you can empower your description and interpretations of planetary placements here.

10th Feb

Celestial Conversations: Exploring Major and Minor Aspects in Astrology

Major and minor aspects can be thought of as conversations that shape our cosmic experiences. Some astrological dialogues are challenging, requiring careful navigation. Others flow effortlessly, bringing harmony and ease. There are encounters that push our boundaries, sparking creative growth, while some conversations simply delight us with their sheer pleasure. We constantly engage in diverse dialogues, from significant and meaningful exchanges to lighthearted banter. Aspects mirror this intricate dance of communication.

In this webinar, we will explore the classification of major and minor aspects, uncovering their contrasting expressions. We will explore techniques to integrate major and minor aspects into a comprehensive and nuanced astrological reading.

24th Feb

Chart Alchemy: The Art of Synthesizing Astrological Aspects

Like alchemists of old, we can transform the chaos of a chart into a harmonious symphony. At first glance, the abundance of information within a chart may seem like a cacophony of cosmic chatter. But armed with technique, determination, and skill, we can unravel the hidden patterns within this apparent chaos. In this webinar, we will look for pathways to reveal the precious gems of insight and interpretation. We will study the process of organizing the material to come up with coherent interpretations that synthesize different factors.

16th March

The Astrology of the Hero's Journey

with Kim Farley @ Astrology University

Joseph Campbell outlined how the myth of the heroic quest can serve as a guiding path in our own development. In our individual stories, our everyday lives contain their share of dragons to face and trials and tribulations to endure, as well as treasures to unearth. Astrology can help us navigate towards our own personal grail, illuminating the particular journey to which we are being called. Who are our allies and what stage of the adventure are we currently experiencing? 

In this seminar, we will discuss the stages of the classic Hero's Journey, following Campbell’s outline and applying it to chart analysis, using his own astrology as a framework to explore things. After attending this session, you will be able to apply these ideas to the interpretation of any natal chart, whether your own or a client’s, in order to discover the outline of the individual Hero's Journey.